Tru-Mark Grain, Inc.,  began business brokering grain commodities in 1998.  
Since then, we have gone into the wholesale distribution of specialty products
and truck freight brokerage.  We distribute our products through a dealer network
in Mississippi and Louisiana.
Getting product in on a timely basis is important to any distribution service. Being
able to find dependable carriers to get our products in, led to our truck freight
brokerage service. We are able to post our available freight on the internet with
our rates.  This in turn became an outlet we used to help other companies move
their freight.
All our products are delivered in with semi-tractor trucks and van trailers and
inventory is rotated on a first in first out basis to keep our products as fresh as
possible.  We then presale our products by calling our dealer route customers
each week. Orders are batched and loaded for delivery.
Our dealers know our stock and what we have to offer.   Our prices are
competitive for the quality products we carry.
Check out of products page and give us a call.   800-684-2176
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